Let’s get this started with some questions

I’ve been unemloyed for the last few months. But I’ve worked in electoral politics for awhile and I empathize with a lot of the issue organizer’s dilemmas. We have all sorts of questions that we ask ourselves, constantly, in a fit of self-doubt, hopeful that we’ll find some way of doing well enough to live and doing good.

  • Which issue to organize around?
  • Do I work in electoral work or on issue campaigns in an effort to make progress on a particular issues?
  • At what level do I work? National? State? Local? Is it better to try to effect change at a larger level or directly one on one? Is it more meaningful to help 20 people at a time directly in a personal and meaningful way, or to try to affect policy for 200,000 but dilute your voice?
  • What defines success? When is a victory a victory when the work seems to always go on?
  • What are some of the most effective strategies and tactics for today’s politics? How do I know I’m actually doing what is most effective? What’s compromising?

And on and on and on. I know, I know, folks have read Rules for Radicals and Letters from a Birmingham Jail. And there’s a million activists who pontificate about activism. It’s one of our favorite things. Especially as the White Elite Farmer’s-Market-Shopping and Social-Construct-Constructor Elite.

But sometimes, we need an update. Like, how do I use Twitter and not be stupid?

This blog will be my attempt to help answer a lot of these questions for the year 2011. It’ll also be one way I write more. I’ll also probably comment on whatever is going on in the world. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll talk about pizza, because it’s delicious.

Also maybe burritos.


January 18, 2011. Uncategorized.

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